I’m hyper about linking

Hyperlinking. Linking two documents together simultaneously, directing a reader to a broader coverage of a topic, explaining further what concepts and words mean. Creating a wider demographic through knowledge and understanding, bringing your readership back to you and your writing because they can understand and comprehend what you are saying.

Others may argue that links direct us away from our original story but, used correctly this is simply not the case. Links can be additive and creative, embedding context into our stories and enticing our readers to take more interest into a story as a whole. Hyperlinking can help to make connections between topics and add coherence throughout our work.

By hyperlinking we ensure that our work is honest and fair if we are presenting others points of view or opinions. We can award ourselves the ‘Badge of honesty’ by inviting readers to check our work with references to others.



About Nia Parry

MMU Student studying English and Multimedia Journalism
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